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away. there's a john wayne from waterloo but it's john wayne gacy. >> stephen: sexual serial killer is from waterloo but that's sem mantics. bachmann said she misspoke. that's a big mistake. no retreat, nor is rounder. -- surrender. it's day one. don't show weakness. what on earth are you apologizing for. all you said is you have the same spirit as john wayne gacy and there's something to that because like gacy people might think you are a clown but if they dig a little deeper they'll find you are deadly serious. come on, you are a republican. you don't stumble on facts. you double down. in the only doll you have the spirit of john wayne gacy, you've got the eyes of a young charles manson. [cheers and applause] nation, class action lawsuits are so destructive to our country. they crippled our nation's once thriving asbestos industry. now those pour asbestos ranchers are out of work. and they needed those jobs they have a lot of medical bills to pay. there's a new go liage under assault from a gang of blood thirsty davids and it brings us to tonight's word: too big to nail. wal-mart
birth place of waterloo, iowa. >> what i want them to know is just like john wayne was from woortly, iowa, that's the spirit i have, too. >> it looks like she got her john waynes confused. john wayne lived about 150 miles away from waterloo. john wayne gacy, who raped and killed 33 men and boys did live in waterloo before his killing spree began. ( laughter ) >> jon: how do you know she got her john waynes confused? maybe she was like, yo! i'm from waterloo, serial killer straight up. ( laughter ) just got implants. nice going, michele bachman. i'm sure she endeared herself to her home town. i believe the waterloo chamber of commerce sent her a thank you card. ( laughter ) she mixed up some names. she's not screwing up the important stuff like the era of history on which she bases her entire philosophy of government. >> you said the founding fathers who wrote the constitution and the declaration of independence worked tirelessly to ends slavely. with respect, that's not true. >> if you look at one of our founding fathers, john quincy adams, that was true. he was a very young boy whe
, michele bachmann confused john wayne with serial killer john wayne gacy. she sincerely regrets the error and vows. >> how do you know she got her john waynes confused? maybe she was like, yo, i'm from waterloo, serial killer straight up. i believe the waterloo chamber of commerce sent her a thank you card. >> all right. let's go straight to tim farley, the host of "morning briefing" on certificasirius xm. the minnesota government shutdown, why did it happen and ha does it mean? >> i saw you talk about it at the beginning of the show. this is a key part of this, around the country, people are struggling, states are struggling with their budgets, we have a democratic governor and a legislature run by the republicans that don't seem to be getting along. there's a sense of frustration around the country, not just in minnesota, but at the federal government and on the state level when you have parties mixing it up. in this case, in minnesota they're shutting down the state, including state parks, right in front of one of the busiest weekends. marge is going to be writing screening tickets up
of waterloo, iowa is the birthplace of john wayne when actually it's the birthplace of john wayne gacy. >> i think there is something to that. like gacy, people might think you're a clown if they dig a little deeper, they'll find that you are deadly serious. when you stumble on facts, don't get back into a corner. you double down. you say not only do you have the spirit of john wayne gacy, you've got the eyes of a young charles manson. >> john quincy adams most center was a part revolutionary war era. he was a young boy, but he was actively involved. >> but he wasn't a founding father. i mean, he was 9 at the time. if he'd signed the declaration of independence, this is what it would have looked like. >> former illinois governor rod blagojevich. >> hands shaky, can't seem to stand on my own two feet. hands are weak. >> recording elvis on your way here. a criminal verdict and you go with, "all shook up"? jailhouse rock didn't come up? >> 17 of the 20 corruption chorgs. extortion, water fraud, bribery and criminal abuse of styling moose. >> >> try to speak a little less. i'm going to keep my r
made by michele bachmann. she compared herself to john wayne from waterloo. but john wayne was from winterset, iowa. it was john wayne gasey from waterloo. she said up to 30,000 people were killed in an obama air strike. it was not only completely wrong, but the number killed in a moammar gadhafi crackdown on protesters. do missteps matter to you or do news organizations make too much of them? fibbed out what bachmann said on momslikeme.com. [ female announcer ] keurig brews more than just hot coffee. now you can brew over ice for delicious iced coffee or tea. hot or cold, keurig is the way to brew everyone's favorite cup in under a minute. choose. brew. enjoy. keurig. >>> actor gary is supporting the troops one guitar cord at a time. >> lisa talked with the actor about his mission to honor the women and men who serve. >> his most famous role. >> lieutenant dan. >> lieutenant dan. >> lieutenant dan. >> playing alongside tom hanks in forest gump. gary wears minihats. currently starring on the hit show, csi, new york. off the set he's an advocate for military members and their fa
michele bachmann in the republican primary electorate don't care she googles the wrong person, john wayne in waterloo, iowa. >> as opposed to john wayne -- >> that will be a problem for the general -- >> as opposed to john wayne gacy. >> bachmann has a reputation of going over the top. >> she once referred to the obama administration as gangster government. >> that has no impact on her ability to win the republican presidential nomination. even when she makes these statements, like the founders or whatever, she's exactly in tune with most republican grass roots activists who will be the core of her support. >> does it seem to you, michelle kyle, that conservative women are given a harder time in the press for those mistakes as opposed so something biden would have said. >> what i'm going to be interested in, if rick perry jumps into the race, are we going to see a lot of questions where people like, are you completely nuts? are they going to use this same kind after proof approach? rick perry has a tendency to say lots of over the top things. >> if there is a tendency to, like you said, m
her well. i admire her. >> bill: in a moment, hollywood not what it used to be. when john wayne, marilyn monroe and rock hudson were big stars out here. what happened? ernest borgnine knows. >> bill: he had a reputation of being a tough guy. >> absolutely. >> bill: was' tough verizon claims its 4lt is twice afast as at&t. we're putting them to the test against the speed of a rescue unit. go ! they're downloading a music album. the first network to finish gets rescued. does your phone know that we're racing ? done ! verizon's done ! i've got seven left ! the fastest network in america. verizon. built so you can rule the air. now powering the lg revolution. ♪ fare thee well ♪ farewell ♪ mr. gloom be on your way ♪ ♪ though you haven't any money you can still be bright and sunny ♪ ♪ sing polly wolly doodle all the day ♪ ♪ hah >> bill: in the back of the book segment tonight. if there is one man in hollywood who has seen it all, it is ernest borgnine. we were lucky enough to talk with him recently. i want to talk to you, you pretty much span all these decades, you a
to be. when john wayne, marilyn monroe and rock hudson were big stars out here. what happened? ernest borgnine knows. >> bill: he had a reputation of being a tough guy. >> absolutely. >> bill: was' tough guy? >> no, he wasn't. he was the sweetest man in the world. >> bill: he will be here in a moment d. when you're falling aeep at the wheel? do you know how you'll react? lexus can now precisely test the most unpredictable variable in a car -- the driver. when you pursue perfection, you don't just engineer the world's most advanced driving simulator. you engineer amazing. ♪ we're putting them to the test against the speed of a rescue unit. go ! they're downloading a music album. the first network to finish gets rescued. does your phone know that we're racing ? done ! verizon's done ! i've got seven left ! the fastest network in america. verizon. built so you can rule the air. now powering the lg revolution. what's vanishing deducti all about ? guys, it's demonstration time. let's blow carl's mind. okay, let's say i'm your insurance deductible. every year you don't have an accident, $
't overshadow the fireworks show here and the boat rafting party all around it. >> john wayne was a regular guest. >> reporter: jr stone, kron 4 news. >>> and as we head to the break as the fourth of july winds down a live look that skies above san francisco. now clear of fireworks as the city prepares to get back to business tomorrow. we will be right back. . >>> clean up is expected to begin on tuesday of the 45 cars damaged in a parking lot fire. that fire started sunday afternoon near is, fo. witnesses say they heard fireworks prior to the blaze. investigators know it started with a grass fire and spread to the parking lot. >>> in san francisco, 26 people are without homes tonight after a massive apartment fire. it sparked in the glen park neighborhood. it destroyed one building and damaged another. one person was taken to the hospital. kron 4's da lin tells us what may have sparked this blaze. >>> the fire spread quickly while people were still asleep on mission street in san francisco. by the time firefighters got here a neighborhood says the garage was fully engulfed in blaze. a fir
was imagining myself as steve mcqueen or as clint eastwood or john wayne. so with this movie with ella, i really wanted to make a character that young women watching the film c cld say, i want to be her and fight like her and be tough and smart like her. >> reporter: it's been decades since harrison ford made a western. you played cowboys proper, but hans solo and indiana jones. >> there's a little cowboy in everybody. >> reporter: there's a little cowboy in everybody. >> yeah, yeah, there is. there's a little american in it. a little of being an american is the cowboy in us as a culture. >> i don't want any trouble. >> reporter: it's a way of telling a story, terse, flinty, direct. it. "cowboys and aliens" has got and so much of what happens is unspoken. >> i'm just deadly keen to cut as many lines of mine as possible. >> story of my life. >> i mean, the less i have to say, the better, as far as i'm concerned. >> well, but that's something that a lot of people don't -- you know, especially writers, they're getting paid by the pound. >> yeah, that's true. >> and so they just type as fast as they
.o.w. husband is home from vietnam in time for christmas. ben also suggests john wayne could give a speech comparing his movies to nixon's presidency, lynch mobs out to get an innocent man, and he says clint eastwood should speak up for nixon. we hear nixon himself select pat buchanan, among others, for a special group with a special task. >> for the purpose not of cheering but solely of attacking and defending is of the highest priority. >> later in another memo david gergen sends along three possible short options for nixon's resignation letter. in another gergen says the president should say he's leaving with a heavy heart but without bitterness and ask the public to rally behind gerald ford, which he did. speaking of ford, there's a snarky letter from him complaining of being blacklisted by nixon who brought him on as vice president just over a week later. no hard feelings apparently. the memo showed diane sawyer, then a 25-year-old nixon white house aide, got in trouble for telling a family friend he was being nominated as a federal judge. problem is a u.s. senator was supposed to tel
at 5:00 last evening. it made several stops in john wayne airport shortly before flying to the bay area. abc7 spoke to the pilot and said there was only five men on board when it land in san carlos. >> n a. acp plans to picket sfo over the deshon marman case. the student that was kicked on off a flight in a disputed over his sagging pants. he was arrested for captain's order to leave the plane but a d.a. decided not file charges. they want a meeting with u.s. airways to get a much clearer dress code policy. the airline has said the biggest problem with the incident is marman's refusal to follow orders. >>> layoff notices will be mailed out to about 200 san francisco employees because of state budget cuts. the presiding judge will hold a news conference at 10:30 this morning to outline the cuts that our media partner mercury news is reporting that they are dealing with $350 million in cuts. that much will be cut next year. that is expected to mean longer delays and possible rolling closures at the 58 trial courts. >> house republican leaders are scheduling a vote to let the nation to bor
in john wayne airport in orange county before it got to the bay area. abc7 spoke to the pilot that claimed there were five men on board when it landed. >> flags will fly at half-staff to honor a fallen soldier from san jose. he died when his unit came under enemy fire in afghanistan on july 5th. he served six years in the army and ten years in the marine corps. his coffin arrived aboard a chartered jet at moffett field. military medals will be awarded in daly city. >>> a new report says muni's former chief could end up running a bart. a headhunter approached former muni chief nathaniel ford to fill the general manager post formally held by dorothy dugger. they say that the agency plans to save time and money by not conducting a nationwide search. >>> organizers of this year's aids walk are calling it a huge success after topping last year's total of $3 million. the event's 25th anniversary and 25,000 people took part in the walk through golden gate park yesterday. they raised more than $3 million and the money goes to the san francisco aids foundation as well as 48 other organizations arou
between john wayne and john wayne gacey she has a legitimate shot of winning iowa. conservative voters are going to like her. liberals and democrats and progressives won't ever like her. [ talking over each other ] >> bill clinton didn't praise her policies. he is praising the story. he knows americans like a great story. >> she has 23 foster kids, amazing story and he's noting that. we are more attracted to the story than finding solutions to the problems of this country. [ talking over each other ] >> michelle bachmann has a real authenticity that what connects. >> remember, michelle bachmann is championing constitution ali limited government, fiscal responsibility and free markets. hahn, you guys on the left might think those principles are can i but that's what the founding fathers intended. >> the founding fathers created a constitution that was a living, breathing document it is to evolve over time with case law and amendments. the contusion interpreted by the supreme court and congress creating new laws within the framework of the constitution. she thinks we should go back to 17
, there were several other stops including john wayne airport in orange county. abc7 spoke to the pilot who claims there were only five men on board when the plane landed. >>> it appears muni's departed chief could independent up running bart. san francisco chronicle a head hunter has approached nathaniel ford to fill the general manager post. this week, muni begins engulfing contenders to fill ford's position and tom no lan tells the chronicle he plans to save money by not conducting a national search. debra johnson is temporarily running muni. how did you like your weekend? if you prefer it a touch cooler, mike is here and make something happen for you. >> i'm not sure i'm that good, i don't have any affect on the weather. it will get warmer. notice this trough of low pressure where the cold air has been coming counsel straight in alaska. it's starting to climb farther to the north, it's taking a left-hand turn and the drier signifying in the orange, it's creeping it's a way toward us from the desert. warming trend but nothing like what the rest of the country is dealing with. temperature
the cover of newsweek. is this a little too >> what i want you to know is just like john wayne was from waterloo, iowa that's the kind of spirit that i have, too. it's really about not being ashamed of america, it's embracing america, loving america. >> jon: that's republican candidate for present, michele bachmann, making a slight error there. actor john wayne was actually born in winterset, iowa not waterloo. >> a comrade of yours, jared monty was the first person i was able to award the medal of honor to, who actually came back and wasn't receiving it posthumously. >> jon: well, president obama misspoke about sergeant first class jared monty saying he was the first person he awarded the medal of honor to who wasn't receiving it posthumously. actually monty was killed in action. the question is which of the flubs got more press. >> let me see. of course, candidate barack obama said he had been to 57 states and he only had one or two more to go. look, here is the template here. if you're republican, if you're conservative and especially if you're christian, by definition, the media def
of staff and came to the u.s. as a teenager and reportedly learned english from watching john wayne movies. president obama today called him a genuine soldier, statesman who extra -- whose extraordinary life represented the promise of america. the general was 75 years old. >>> shocking video out of syria. soldiers and security forces some in plain clothes storming a mosque in the city of alepo. they beat people with sticks, dragging some of them away. significantly, they entered the mosque with their shoes on which is considered extremely offensive in islam. cnn cannot confirm the authenticity of this video but syria has been racked by anti-government protests and fierce reprisals by president bashir al asad's regime. a cross made of steel beams from the fallen world trade center is now at its permanent new home moved from a church in lower manhattan to the nearby site where the national september 11th memorial and museum will stand. a construction worker discovered the perfectly formed cross standing upright in the ground zero. it was blessed by a priest before it was moved. >>> gunfire r
during her announcement. the minnesota congresswoman confused the birthplace of john wayne the actor with the serial killer john wayne gacy. the mix-up soared in searches for the star known as the duke up more than 1,000% this week. and another duke and duchess are making a splash online. prince william and his bride are visiting canada and heading for the u.s. next weekend. yahoo! users want the scoop. kate continues to shine online, garnering triple the searches of her husband. her sister pippa and prince harry are also getting lots of lookups too. seems romantics are rooting for the royal in-laws to get together. searches for pippa and prince harry are up 142%. >>> with fourth of july weekend kicking off, we took a look at how americans man celebrating independence day. and camping is a hot choice. searches for camping supplies, camping tents, used campers and camping recipes are way up. yosemite, yellowstone, and the grand canyon top out the moststearched national parks. have a great holiday, back to you. >> i have to say i think that was princess katherine's first fashion misste
allen who rent in and out of the narrative, john wayne dies and jimmy carter tried to say that john wayne with their favorite here in ronald reagan's right and jimmy carter was wrong is what is known as the disco demolition rally, where tons is don't kids run onto the baseball field in the middle of a doubleheader and start tearing up the turkey might in the place on fire. this is just fantastic stuff. bill clinton makes an appearance at jimmy carter summit and gives advice to the president. blondie turns disco during this period of time. and best of all, i won't talk about specifics on this. there is what is known as the killer rabbit incident, which is one of the best incidence in american history correlates at the period of time and dealing with here. my intention is to tell a story that i think has an entertaining aspect to it, but i also hope has a kind of serious element to it as well. that is that i think again the speech as part of a turning point. i think it's time to re-examine a turning point in a serious questions about it. i'm going to redo the closing part of the book
. welcome to cashin in. >> wayne rogers and tracey burns and john layfield and democratic strategist . what would the plan do for job. >> it would do wrero. these guys have no job's plan or energy plan or tax plan. we are the only developed country in the entire world without this . it is an answer go after a populas marriage. since jackson and hamilton. go after the rich and corporate taxes. and oil companies and in reality all of that money harry reid is talking about 50 billion. that means our deficit annually is 1.6 trillion and doesn't pay the special. take away from their own failure and put it on the rich guy in the corner office. a lot of small companies do create jobs and harry reid could be making a mistake here in >> harry reid when he talks about shared sacrifice. let the congress share that. democratic government is the only one in which those who vote for the tax can escape the obligation to pay it harry reid is one of those kinds of guys. top three percent in this could you wantry pay as much as the other 97 percent. those are numbers he leaves out of a convenient way of sell
to his pentagon bio, the polish native learned english from watching john wayne movies. president obama issued a statement tonight calling him a genuine soldier statesman. was 75 years old. >>> still, no deal on the debt limit tonight, but pressure is on to reach an agreement by this time tomorrow night. congressional leaders met for negotiations today again. speaker of the house, john boehner, says he wants up to $4 trillion in deficit cuts, but after hours of talks, senate majority leader harry reid accused republicans of refusing to compromise. both sides, though, say they do hope to show enough progress by tomorrow afternoon. to stop a plunge and stop prices in asia. lawmakers have until august 2nd to increase the amount that the government can legally borrow, or face a loan default. >>> a psychiatrist killed. police say one of his patients did it, still have the latest on this bizarre murder-suicide in mclean home. >>> plus, some airline taxes have expired. coming up, though, why most customers are still paying the same price, and how you can look for a discount. and an actor is un
do's and don'ts? >> no, that got bumped. when i saw "wiener therapy" all i could think of was john wayne bob bit after surgery. that's the only thing that came to mind. i didn't even know this was going to be in the show. >>> coming up, porn star bree olson says she split with charlie sheen because he couldn't keep up with her sexually. tiger blood, my ass. you are watching "red eye" so stick around. >>> are the right brain hue -- humility strained? a new study of 1400 college students finds creative types have different traits. but the ability to play with others ain't any of them humbleness had a negative affect on creativity. quote, we are not claiming all people are unsuffer blee arrogant, but people with a lot of accomplishments were less humble and modest. whatever. i don't know why i was quoting somebody who was jealous of my talent. >> i wish i could dance like the dancing pour could you pine. >> so you are creative and you are a jerk. >> it is hard to argue with this study. >> there are exceptions to the rule. but i have noticed that joe derosa is humble. but the creative
:00 this evening. it made several stops including john wayne airport in orange county shortly before flying to the bay area. abc7 spoke to the pilot who claims there were only five men on board when it landed in san carlos. >>> a tour bus heading from washington, d.c. to niagara falls crashed this afternoon killing two people. it happened in new york on interstate 390. police say a tire blowout may have caused the driver to lose control of the bus near rochester. 35 people were injured. >>> a colorado woman who authorities say groped a female tsa agent in phoenix is now facing felony charges. police say the 61-year-old woman is accused of grabbing the agent at an airport checkpoint. the tsa staff says the woman refused to go through passenger screening. >>> and at denver international airport, united airlines has canceled at least 13 flights tonight while it inspects damage from a hailstorm last week. frontier airlines also canceled dozens of flights. at least 18 of the company's planes were damaged in last week's storm. >>> an announcement on facebook brought thousands of people to the ame
was arrested for a deal whdui. >> yes john wayne was a regular guest. >> richmond police are investigating for shootings that left three men dead that happen within hours of each other. we have more details >> a busy sunday night for police in richmond for a separate shootings killing three and injuring three others >> we have multiple homicide's. >> first one in backbend @ i have is street then attend 30 west route 81 person was killed and one was injured at 11:00 and 19 year-old man were shot dead by he was sitting in the car. and then the last shooting 11:15 p.m. on first and mcdonnell one was killed and one was wounded both members sitting in a car. >> were not sure of the cases are related >> police say it's too early to say if they are connected or gang-related they are trying to anticipate where another shooting wellcome.will >> this happened to the civic center board station in sam francisco they were merely confronted by a man carrying a knife during a brief exchange the officers opened fire and killed him. it is now department's investigation. >> in her delays a comeback of suspe
later, the plane stopped in northern california and then landed at the john wayne airport here in south encalifornia. casey's legal team will not say if she was on board or if she's now in california. >> there might be somebody, if they want to spend enough money, effort and energy trying to find her. it won't do them any good. they won't be able to get to her, they won't be able to talk to her. >> it's unclear who's funding casey anthony's life right now, she left jail with only $537.68. there's talk of a possible pay-per-view television interview. she's also been hit with an irs tax lien and four different lawsuits. >> anthony was acquitted last week of murder in the death of her young daughter. >>> in less than two days, the space shuttle program will officially be history. astronauts on board atlantis shared an emotional good-bye with the space station crew. chris ferguson leaving behind a flag that flew on the first shuttle mission in 1981. the shuttle undocked for the last time. >> we anticipate great things to follow, from the men and women who build, operate and live there. from
morning at an army hospital in washington state. the polish native learned english from watching john wayne movies. president obama issueded him a statement calling him a genuine soldier statesman. he was 75 years old. >>> time is 9:37. a very special edition of wednesday's child. we met them when they were still very young and looking for a home. now see how three brothers are doing six years later living with their own family. >>> and she is one of the top soapbox derby racers around. wait until you hear how long this champ has been >>> now to three local brothers who have a lot to celebrate. just a few years ago they were living in foster care pretty unsure of their futures. but one man changed that. here's barbara harrison with this morning's wednesday's child. >> these three very talented young mime artists know something about holding on to hope. when we first met them six years ago they were 11, 12, and 14. they were in the foster care system and hoping when they appeared on wednesday's child that someone would see them and offer them a loving forever home. someone willing to k
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 96 (some duplicates have been removed)

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